Friday, 28 February 2014

Feedback Friday...

So On Monday I posted two sketches to use for motivation this week. As it was my first time scrapping in a while it took me longer than planed to sort everything out and complete the layout. So I only managed to do one, but I will be using the other as part of next weeks motivation.

I used the scrap365 sketch for my lay-out, here is the sketch:

This is my lay-out (it's been a horrible day here, so I'll swap these photos for better ones tomorrow)

It was quite a hard sketch to use, as it had so many layers but I really enjoyed the challenge.

Thanks for looking.....

Throwback Thursday - on Friday lol

Can't believe I am late with this post already lol, I thought I had set it up to auto-post on Thursday but must have done something wrong. So here it is a day late.....

This Week I have decided to throwback to my very first lay-out ever....

These photos were taken on our Honeymoon in 2005, at the airport on the way home from Boston I brought a scrapbook magazine and the obsession began.

On this lay-out I used pieces from a paper bag for the title and the witch and ticket subs from our bus trip to Salem. It's not too bad looking back and we all have to start somewhere lol.

Thanks for looking...

Monday, 24 February 2014

Motivation Monday....

So today I have two sketch challenges I want to share as my motivation Monday. I'm going to try to do both of these over the next week.

The first is the monthly challenge sketch from Sarahs Cards Ltd blog, here it is:-

The second is the monthly sketch challenge from Scrap365 magazine blog, here it is:-

Check back on Friday to see how my lay-outs turned out....

New Blogging system...

When I was ill I started to watch You Tube videos and really fell in love with some daily vloggers. My favourite two family are the SacconeJolys  an Irish family who have the most adorable little girl named Emilia and the Shaytards a Mormon family from the US.

Their dedication to sharing their daily lives with the world really inspired me and I haven't missed a video since June. So I think if they can record and upload a video 365 days I can at least try to upload a blog post 3 times a week.

So to help me with inspiration I am stealing some social media terms that people use and changing them to fit in with crafting. I am going to be uploading blog posts that with fit in with the following categories:-

Motivation Monday - Where I share a sketch or picture that motivates me to craft.

Technique Tuesday -  A guide to a new or faviourte craft technique.

Whatever Wednesday - A post about whatever interests me that week.

Throwback Thursday -  Where I share an old project and say what I would change or not about it

Feedback Friday - What I have crafted that week

Hope this sounds interesting, I will pick 3 days each week as I think it is a bit unlikely I will get anymore than that posted.

Thanks for looking and please follow me....

Friday, 31 January 2014

2014 - things can only get better....(fingers crossed)

With 2013 being the worst year of my life, my thoughts are that 2014 has to be better. So my goals for this year are:-

  1. Start scrapbooking and crafting again
  2. Hopefully get back onto a DT
  3. Start my own craft business in some way
  4. Get back to full health and fitness
  5. Blog at least 3 times a week

So lets see how that goes and hopefully the posts on this blog will contain a lot more crafts and a lot less depressing stuff.

Thanks for listening...

2013 a bad year for me....

After my last post on 2nd October my year went from horrible to truly horrendous.  My Dad took a very sudden turn for the worst and was taken into hospital on Friday 4th October. He was diagnosed with high levels of calcium in his blood (a side effect of his type of cancer) and was also thought to be developing pneumonia. He was given medication and did start to improve slightly but in the early hours of Wednesday 9th October, my Mum received a phone call from the hospital to ask her to come in quickly. I was rushing to get ready to go to the hospital when I received the call from Mum that he had passed. Luckily she was able to get there in time and be with him for his final moments.

Even though we knew his cancer was terminal, nothing prepares you for that moment. The only blessing was that he didn't have a long drawn out death, where he suffered. As the vicar said to us ' he lived until he died' and that brings me comfort. He was a very dignified man and would have hated to have to have people take care of him.

I still cant believe he is gone and I miss him more as time goes on. I know that will never change and I just try to be strong for my Mum who has lost her soul mate. I also feel so lucky to have had him as my Dad, I couldn't have asked for a better one and believe that he is watching over us now.

I love you Daddy always....

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Quick update...

It's been a crazy busy few days, my Sister went into labour in the early hours of Monday 30th Sep. So I spent the day babysitting my nephew Jake at my Parents house.

My sister then ended up having a C-section as new Baby Josh decided to try to come out face first and get stuck. Kirsty then had some complications in surgery but all is fine now and they are set to leave hospital today (Wed).
Baby Josh - A bit battered from the birth

So my plans of scrapping again were postponed but I hope to spend some time tomorrow doing a challenge sketch, so hopefully will have something to share ASAP.

Speak to you soon.....