Thursday, 26 September 2013

Eventful few months....

Well when last I wrote a blog post I fully intended to get back to my crafting on a regular basis but the universe had different plans for me...

I hadn't been feeling well for a long time, always tried and I had put on a bit of weigh but I just put it down to feeling upset about my Dad ( He was told in Feb his Cancer has returned and is inoperable now, so he has had more radiotherapy and chemo. He is doing well but it was a real shock to us all.) Then at the beginning of August I started to gain a lot of weight on my stomach, I looked pregnant which I knew I was not lol.

So I went to the Doctors and they sent me for a blood test as they though I might have a thyroid problem. The blood test came back fine, so I went back to the doctors and they sent me for an ultrasound scan.
I had the scan and got the results that I had a massive cyst in my stomach but they couldn't see where it was coming from so sent me for an MRI scan to get a better look.

I had the MRI and it was still to difficult to see where the cyst was coming from but it was decided that it was most likely ovarian so I was sent to the hospital to see a gynaecologist. She examined me and decided I needed surgery asap to get it out.

This was a very scary time as there was talk that it might turn out to be something very bad and I just couldn't take it all in - I just felt numb to it all. My Husband Martin was my rock and kept me sane for those couple of weeks of waiting for results and surgery.

So I was admitted to hospital on the 21st August 2013. I had the surgery and when I woke up I was told the amazing news that it was totally benign and just a egg that had got stuck in the ovary and turned into a cyst made up of hair, skin and bone cells. I have never been so relieved ever.

So I spent four days in the hospital and had 52 staples and quite an impressive scar running diagonally from from my chest bone to my bikini line. I was lucky that I had an epidural for the pain so my stomach was numb for the first couple of days so I felt no pain at all. When I went into hospital I weighed 10 and a half stone and when I left hospital I weighed seven and a half stone, so my doctor thinks that my cyst and the fluid was at least 2 stone if not 3 - crazy...

I am so lucky every thing turned out fine and now I am 5 weeks post surgery. I went back to see my gynaecologist last week and she was very happy with me and discharged me for the hospital. I still have to take things easy for the next couple of months and can't start running again until December but I feel so much better. I have also managed to put half a stone back on which is good because I was looking way too thin, but I still think I need to gain a bit more to feel more comfortable in myself and I want some curves back lol.

So anyway hopefully I will be back to scrapping and crafting now and feeling much more energetic and healthy.

Thanks for listening....    

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