Monday, 24 February 2014

New Blogging system...

When I was ill I started to watch You Tube videos and really fell in love with some daily vloggers. My favourite two family are the SacconeJolys  an Irish family who have the most adorable little girl named Emilia and the Shaytards a Mormon family from the US.

Their dedication to sharing their daily lives with the world really inspired me and I haven't missed a video since June. So I think if they can record and upload a video 365 days I can at least try to upload a blog post 3 times a week.

So to help me with inspiration I am stealing some social media terms that people use and changing them to fit in with crafting. I am going to be uploading blog posts that with fit in with the following categories:-

Motivation Monday - Where I share a sketch or picture that motivates me to craft.

Technique Tuesday -  A guide to a new or faviourte craft technique.

Whatever Wednesday - A post about whatever interests me that week.

Throwback Thursday -  Where I share an old project and say what I would change or not about it

Feedback Friday - What I have crafted that week

Hope this sounds interesting, I will pick 3 days each week as I think it is a bit unlikely I will get anymore than that posted.

Thanks for looking and please follow me....

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